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How to Survive January & February

Sai Kolisetty 

Staff Writer 

January 31, 202

1. Try to do something new, something engaging like picking up a new hobby or habit

2. Be Lazy

3. Have a short-term mindset and try to enjoy that you are slowly, but surely moving through these sluggish months.

4. Start spiraling into despair and loneliness due to the lack of sunlight affecting your mood (yes sunlight improves your mood) only to be amplified by Valentine’s Day.

5. Cook something good for yourself (you deserve this and there are so many tasty recipes on YouTube).

6. Decide enough is enough, start a global and massive campaign to take over the world, and make a calendar that makes January and February fun. (Also to create a chair racing tournament.)

7. Accept your fate that you will have to go through January and February. (editor’s note: It is not that bad; once you get through the worst months,  you get ten months of jam-packed action.)

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