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Horsing Around Westfield

Horsing Around Westfield

Sabrina Richard

PR Lead, Meme Maker

October 15, 2021

There’s a horse loose in the hospital school.

Westfield’s Bistro once had a life-sized bronco statue. When the construction began, the statue disappeared and now students (I) demand to know what became of the horse and rider that were once so integral to Westfield student life.

Assistant Principal Matt Putman has worked at Westfield for over 17 years and recalls the statue that once was on Westfield’s property.

“It was not purchased by (Westfield),” Putman said. “It was gifted to us by an alumnus, not real sure of the rationale because we're not the broncos, but I think they felt that (the bistro) was an area that really needed a piece of art so that’s why they donated the statue to us.”

The statue is actually a life-sized replica of another statue by American artist Fredric Remington.

“Bronco Buster was the name of the statue,” Putman said. “(Remington) did a lot of western sculptures and things like that. There are many pieces of his work down at the Eiteljorg Museum in Indianapolis. We had a replica.”

Westfield’s Bronco Buster became quickly popular among the student body.

“Over the years seniors played pranks with it, one year they brought horse manure in to put behind it,” Putman said. “It kinda became a laughing point for a while, and that’s why they continued to do those things.“

Now, if you stumble into the bistro today you won’t see the Bronco Buster replica. Sadly, the statue is no more.

“Obviously we removed it a few years ago to create the bistro cafeteria area,” Putman said. “It is no longer in the Westfield vicinity. At one point it was at our support building, but it was auctioned off this past summer.”

Many younger students remember coming to choir and band concerts, or musicals and plays when the bronco was still in the bistro. While many students miss the statue, it is for the better that the space has been cleared up.

“At the end of the day, I think with it not being in the building, that space is better utilized as it is now, creating one of our four eating spots with the flexible furniture in there it creates a different atmosphere than the main cafeteria,” Putman said.

Although, one could wonder if the great horse statue misses its place in Westfield High School.

*Ominous Horse Noises*

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