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Homecoming 2022 continues new traditions

Daniella Solares


September 26, 2022

A raging good time - School of Rock takes Westfield families and students by storm at Hoco Fest.

A killer promotion - Westfield Theatre’s Callie Ramirez (12), Noah Milligan (12), Molly Neff (12), Aidan Adelman (12), Luci Bluto (12), and Peter Deck (12), pictured left to right, advertise Little Shop of Horrors, their upcoming musical.

Making her pitch - Annaliece Emigh (11) leads the highly anticipated Dunk-a-Teacher station at Hoco Fest.

Keeping it green - Pictured left to right: Jessica Mannella (12), Caroline Hopper (7), and Mallory Hopper (12) represent the Environmental Club at Hoco Fest.

Something good to taco 'bout - Westfield families and students don’t skip the fan-favorite tacos at Hoco Fest.

Raising money for Riley - Dance Marathon hosts a welcoming booth at Hoco Fest. Pictured left to right: Daniella Solares (12), Olivia Horner (11), Celeste Johnson (11), Ellie Veith (11), Abbi Pahls (12), Nora Flickinger (11), Claire Acklin (11), and Lila James (12).

Fun under the sun - Bouncy castles and obstacles bring the hype for energy-filled kids at Hoco Fest.

David defeats Goliath - The seniors’ walk of shame is captured as the freshmen continue to be reigning champions of tug-of-war at the Pep Rally.

Little Miss/Mister Day - Lila James (12) is Little-Miss-Obsessed-With-Smiley-Faces.

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