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Home Run

Updated: May 8, 2020

by JOSEPH WOLFE - April 27, 2020

A warm bright day in mid-July

A quilt of blue across the sky

What a day for baseball I thought

Getting loose with a pregame trot

Tempers flare as the game grows near

Our cross-town rivals are now here

The mighty Rocks versus Primetime

Ready to play our land’s pastime

We take the field, they grab their bats

A gold shamrock upon our hats

As we score one and they score two

Record amounts of gum we chew

Pep in my step, I near the box

Calm and unnerved, sly as a fox

Pitch after pitch, the count is full

I take a hack strong as a bull

The ball flies like a bird up high

As if to spin and wave “goodbye!”

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