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Her loss, but our gain

Drake and 21 Savage drop the collaborative album “Her Loss”

Owen Wright

Staff Writer

January 10, 2023

21 Savage and Drake have been making hit after hit since the year 2016, but they have never released an album together until now “Her Loss.” On its release date, the album surpassed 1.5 million streams worldwide. Today I will listen to and rate every song on the album in order to find the best songs.

Track 1: Rich Flex

Rating 8/10

Rich Flex is a very good song. 21 Savage was great and the beat switches were on point. But I didn’t like Drake’s parts of the song. I thought they were a bit slow for the beat. But nevertheless, a very solid way to start the album.

Track 2: Major Distribution

Rating 9/10

Major Distribution is one of the best songs on the album. The beat switch at the beginning was great. And Drake's verse was near perfect. The only thing that stops it from being a 10 is that 21 Savage could have maybe done a bit better with his verses. Still an amazing song though.

Track 3: On BS

Rating 8/10

ON BS is one of my personal favorites of the album. This is probably the best song based on the connection between the two guys. Their flow was very fun to listen to. The way they can pass the mic back and forth is great. And you can definitely see the chemistry in this song.

Track 4: BackOutsideBoyz

Rating 7/10

BackOutsideBoyz is an ok song for this album's standards. It was a lot of singing compared to all of the other songs but it's alright.

Track 5: Privileged Rappers

Rating 5/10

Privileged Rappers is one of the worse songs on the album. There is nothing in particular that stood out to me good or bad. I just wasn’t really vining with the song.

Track 6: Spin Bout U

Rating 7/10

Spin Bout U has its moments but overall it's a little above average. I thought that toward the end it was a bit slow. But the song is definitely catchy and has some good lyrics

Track 7: Hours In Silence

Rating 4/10

Hours In Silence is the longest song on the album at 6:40. But with such a long song it may sound boring and that is exactly what it felt like. Definitely the worst song on the album

Track 8: Treacherous Twins

Rating 5/10

Treacherous Twins is ok. It is a bit repetitive at times. But I thought that 21 Savage's part was good.

Track 9: Circo Loco

Rating 6/10

Circo Loco is a bit more like Drake’s last album “Honestly Nevermind” as it is very techno. It was a pretty good song but that isn’t really my style of music.

Track 10: ***** & Millions

Rating 9/10

This song is great. It has a good beat, it is catchy, and the feature by Travis Scott is awesome. The only thing that could have been a bit better is the lyrics.

Track 11: Broke Boys

Rating 8/10

Broke Boys is a great song. The beat and lyrics are great. But I am not a huge fan of the song's chorus.

Track 12: Middle of the Ocean

Rating 10/10

Middle of the Ocean is one of the most perfect songs I have ever heard. The song is long at 5:57 but every single lyric made up for it. It is one of the best songs Drake has ever made. This song reminds me of when Drake just started releasing music. There is no hook or lead into the song, just 6 minutes for lyrical genius. Every line has a hidden meaning to it and the amount of double and triple entendres are astounding. Everything about this song is perfect.

Track 13: Jumbotron **** Poppin

Rating 6/10

Very catchy song and a great beat. But the lyrics and vocals could have been better from Drake.

Track 14: More M’s

Rating 8/10

21 Savage was great on this song. It is very catchy and the lyrics and beat were great. I just wish that Drake was more involved on this song.

Track 15: 3AM on Glenwood

Rating 6/10

This song is alright. I think that 21 Savage was very monotone on this song. And I wish again that Drake was more involved.

Track 16: I Guess It’s **** Me

Rating 7/10

This was a solid way to end the album. Drake sounded great on this song but the beat was very slow which I didn’t like.

Overall I think that this album was great. There are some songs that I really love and will be listening to for years. “Her Loss” in my opinion is the album of the year.

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