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GoodReads: the future hub of social media

Hannah Jackson

Staff Writer

May 26, 2023

As teenagers, there is a natural calling to stay up to date with the most current trends. While it may not be currently topping the charts, I think GoodReads is worthy of being the next teen hotspot.

If you enjoy having opinions like most of the population, GoodReads is the perfect place to let loose. Star ratings and written reviews are just some of the ways in which the app allows you to express yourself. You can organize books into shelves, and even create a special category for the books you love and another for the ones you hate. You can even reply to others’ reviews if you disagree, though I do not recommend this course of action. Internet etiquette is always key!

You may be wondering “Why should I get such a phenomenal application when so many other apps allow you to interact with your friends?” Well, I have some good news for you–on GoodReads you can friend people! Instead of communicating with your friends through perfectly polished pictures of themselves on Instagram, you can see into their souls as their reading choices reveal their emotional depth. It can truly bring a closeness never before experienced in your friendship.

You can also follow people whose reading taste matches yours, a GoodReads influencer if you will. The app truly has everything!

Finally, you should download it because I like friending people I know on GoodReads. Be a part of tomorrow. Join GoodReads today.

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