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Ginger Tea with Honey and Lemon

Ella Crites - January 20, 2023

Image by - Ella Crites

The warm pills of the liquid

run down the sides,

slightly coating the tip of my finger.

The cold air

over the tepid liquid

elicits a small shiver.

The developing aroma

seduces me

towards the cup,

so I take a sip,

willing my tea not to spill.

The heat radiates through me,

warming me from the inside out,

smooth hints of honey tickling my nose.

It calms me down and soothes my throat.

The twangy juice of the lemon

dances on my tongue,

and the slight spice of ginger

makes me love tea even more.

With the bewitching brew I have in my hand

and the lingering taste coating my throat,

I wonder what it would be like

to keep this peace and

forever stay calm.

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