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EXCLUSIVE: Interview with @signupforplustime

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

by SAMANTHA ENGLAND - You’ve heard the buzz. You’ve seen the memes. Now, get an inside scoop.

WESTFIELD, Ind. (Feb. 1, 2019) - Plus Time. It’s well-known by the WHS student body as our cherished free time on Wednesday afternoons. But now, the term is well-known for a different reason. Within a week, the Instagram account @signupforplustime amassed a following of over 1,000 people eager to see Westfield specific memes. I was lucky enough to get an anonymous interview with the owner.

Q: So, what was the original purpose of the account? What were you hoping to do with it?

A: “Well, originally I was just hoping to have a good time and say things that haven't really been said, but, as I started gaining followers, it became more about becoming a difference in the school. Students could trust me because I’m just one of them. It became kind of hard when people kept asking me to be something I was uncomfortable with. I want to please people. I want to be a positive force. That was kind of a long answer.”

Q: You’re good; that’s a great goal! Did you ever expect it would get this big, with over 1,000 followers?

A: “Absolutely not! Especially not so quickly. That's kind of why I made promises that I guess I can’t keep, as far as followers. I don't actually intend to do a face reveal because obviously, it puts me in danger.”

Q: Right. A lot of people are making predictions as to who runs this account without any real evidence, what are your thoughts on that?

A: “Honestly, it's really funny cause nobody has guessed it was me, except my close friends who obviously know my humor and how I type. Quite a few people have messaged me saying they have gotten accusations that they run the account.”

Q: Ha! Do you plan to continue the account indefinitely and/or pass it on to another student when you graduate?

A: “Probably pass it on. It would be a lot easier than regularly checking in on school events. There is a plan to get it done, but it’s top secret. Plus, I’m not in a hurry.”

Q: Awesome! Is there anything else you would like the WHS student body to know, or any misconceptions that you want to address?

A: “Yeah--we definitely aren't trying to belittle the school at all. Honestly, I really appreciate what the school is doing for some of the students. I think that the student body and administrators need to know that I'm not trying to cause a riot, I'm trying to increase morale and relate to the students. I really like to brighten their day! I kind of got led astray from it, but I like to mostly make jokes about the behaviors of the students and avoid targeting a person in a way that can be seen as negative. I sometimes have a problem controlling my filter as far as my opinion goes, which has made it a challenge, but we are hoping to fix that.”

Q: Well, that’s great! Alright, my last question, and you know I have to ask: Is this just WHS administration using mere exposure effect to get students to sign up for PlusTime?

A: “No comment.”

Note from the Lantern Staff:

We appreciate PlusTime and how it allows us to get extra help and choose how we use our time during the school day. Just like this account is not some kind of rebellion against the school, this article is not a rebellion. We’re all just here for some fun, not to be disrespectful.

Additionally, this is a completely anonymous and confidential interview, please do not ask us who runs the account. The owner of @signupforplustime wishes to remain anonymous and this is something the Lantern staff respects. We encourage our readers to respect their wishes as well.

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