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Exciting New Dessert Places in Westfield

by REGAN WINBUN - January 15, 2021 - Two new dessert places have recently opened in our city, both of them with a funky twist. Highlighting the new businesses and their quirks, I tried their new tasty treats. My full review, description, and everything you need to know about these cool, local places.

Devyn Fortune is all smiley with her delicious Quack Daddy Donut. photo by REGAN WINBUN

WESTFIELD Ind. (December 2020) - New businesses seem to be going up every day in this growing city. From grocery stores, to nail salons, to food spots, it is hard to keep track of all the new places to try. In my quest to find these that the people of Westfield must try, I gained a sweet tooth.

I came across two new businesses that revolutionize the term dessert, Healthy Happies and Quack Daddy Donuts. Looking over their menus, I was all in with the fun twist they bring to their items. Whether you are looking for a healthy twist to unique shake flavors or custom donuts, these two dessert restaurants have what you need.

Healthy Happies is new to Westfield, located next to the Kroger on Carey Road, has franchises all over Indiana. They bring a healthy twist to shakes and energy drinks, making even healthy food taste like a teenager’s sugar dream. Each protein shake is less than 300 calories, containing 24g of protein with 21 vitamins and minerals. The energy bombs are the new Bangs but healthy, with 95-135mg of caffeine, 15 calories, 0g of sugar, B vitamins, vitamin C, and panax ginseng. On top of it all, they offer a variety of immunity shots and other teas.

The delicious looking and tasting blueberry muffin protein shake. photo by REGAN WINBUN

Walking into Healthy Happies, it has a very minimalist style, with a bar you can sit and work at and chairs to enjoy your drinks. There are over 50 shake flavors, with anything from mixed berry to brownie batter. No matter what flavor you are craving, they have something to meet everyone’s needs. There is also a variety of fruity flavors for the energy bombs and teas.

After much time trying to choose the right flavor, I decided on a blueberry muffin protein shake and a watermelon refresher energy bomb. Personally, I have never been one for protein powders, but this shake blew me away. They nailed the blueberry muffin flavor so perfectly, it was gone within a matter of minutes. The best part about the shake was that I did not feel guilty drinking it because of all the health benefits that came along with it. Overall my shake was 10/10 and definitely something I will be getting again in the future. They are perfect for after a workout or just a midday pick-me-up.

The watermelon refresher energy bomb was just the thing I needed on that early morning. It tasted like the best fruity candy ever. The caffeine was also the perfect amount to get me through my long day. The energy bombs are a version of all the canned energy drinks many teenagers drink, just without all of the junk that comes along with those name brand energy drinks.

With a wide variety of flavors and drink options, there is something for everyone. photo by REGAN WINBUN

Healthy Happies checked off every box for me and is definitely going to be one of my staples from here on. This business is something that appeals to all ages, but specifically for the teenagers who don’t want to compromise their milkshakes and energy drinks but still want to be healthy. You can check them out on Facebook under Healthy Happies - Westfield or on Instagram at @healthyhappies_westfield.

The second business I checked out while on my sweet tooth kick was Quack Daddy Donuts. This exciting new donut shop is located off of E 161st St. and Spring Mill Rd. Walking in, you fill out a sheet stating the number of donuts, then decide from a large variety of different icings and toppings to put on your donuts. Once you give them the sheet, they make the donuts right there in front of you. The process of customizing all of the donuts was very exciting and made the experience interesting.

Steele customized our donuts based on our sheet, which was an exciting process to watch. photo by REGAN WINBUN

The frostings to choose from include chocolate, caramel, maple, vanilla, glaze, and strawberry. Each donut is allowed one flavor of frosting and one special topping. Their topping options include rainbow or chocolate sprinkles, peanuts, coconut, oreo, bacon, graham cracker, Fruity Pebbles, Reece’s Pieces, M&M’s, chocolate chips, cinnamon sugar, powdered sugar, sea salt, peanut butter drizzle, raspberry drizzle, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

I sampled six donuts and tried to get a good variety of flavors in each to really embody the uniqueness of this donut shop. I ended up getting two strawberries frosted with Fruity Pebbles on top, one chocolate frosted with Oreos on top, a maple frosted with bacon, a vanilla frosted with raspberry drizzle, and a maple frosted with graham cracker on top.

Each donut was beyond anything I could ask for from a donut. However, the maple bacon donut was the best donut I have ever tasted. It was the donut I was the most scared to try but was by far my favorite of the 6. It is the perfect mix of sweet and salty, and something I think everyone needs to try.

All six of the unique donuts we tasted. photo by REGAN WINBUN

The Fruity Pebbles donut was the one I was looking forward to the most, and it did not disappoint. The perfect sugary dessert that combined two of the best breakfast items, donuts, and cereal. My second favorite donut I had was the vanilla and raspberry donut, it was the perfect amount of sweetness and tasted like a fruity cake. Each donut we ate was super delicious, leaving me eager to go back and make new customized donuts.

Quack Daddy Donuts definitely appeals to all teenagers, and every person seeking something new. Not only are the donuts among the best donuts I have ever indulged in, but the process of getting to customize them while watching them being made was super exciting and a cherry on top of the whole experience.

With all the changes to the city of Westfield, it is important to get out there and try new things. Both of these places were businesses I might not have heard about if I didn’t seek out new things, and in doing so I found new local businesses to continue to support. If you ever have a sweet tooth, both Quack Daddy Donuts and Healthy Happies are places I highly suggest you try.

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