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Everyone is Making Their Way Downtown

Upperclassmen share their thoughts on the morning commute to school.

Annika Kintzel

Staff Writer

September 5, 2021

As this summer drew to a close, students were faced with the harrowing reality of the morning commute to the high school that would soon become a part of daily life.

Whether it’s navigating the parking lots, or parking on the street outside the school, or riding on the bus, or waiting in line with a parent or sibling for drop off, or even just walking to school, everyone has to get into the building in time for class to start in one way or another. This means that everyone also has the chance to experience one of the most time-consuming aspects of the morning commute: traffic.

“As long as I get out of the house on time, traffic isn’t too bad,” junior Gabby Wheeler said. “I’ve tried to work out which route to school has the least traffic.”

Senior Cailin Gregory also expressed a similar opinion.

“I live very close to the school, but I always leave at 8:10,” she said, “because I never know how bad traffic may be that day.”

Those who do struggle with traffic tend to get stuck at the intersection between North Union Street and Hoover Street, especially those who ride the buses. Officers at that intersection attempt to direct traffic, but the pattern of rotating between the four entrances can be slow and hold up other cars and buses, Senior Rachel Baughman expressed concern about this issue.

“The traffic guards prioritizing the buses to get into the school would be more convenient,” Baughman said, “because the majority of the student population gets there via bus.”

Even with the school’s variety of travel options, as well as its large parking lot, students have to employ different methods in order to get to school on time.

“If I do [experience traffic] it’s really thick,” Gregory said, “but that’s rare because I do leave the house so early.”

Traffic is almost unavoidable, but Baughman has some advice for those attempting to get to school in the mornings.

“Leave earlier than you think you should,” she said, “so you can avoid traffic.”

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