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Do I Value My Smile?

Ryan Purciful - September 28, 2022

Image by - Alana Halsted

To give up is to fail,

So in this job I shall prevail.

One more month, I say;

One more month for my pay.

Yet each day is harder,

And every month seems longer

I hate this place.

I hate this space

Where I am less than equal.

So why do I stay?

Why do I refuse to run away?

Because I am scared of letting people down?

Or because I'm afraid that a good job will never be found?

I fear defeat.

I fear conceit.

Yet here I am faced with a decision:

To stay or to leave my position.

The money is welcome

but is it worth their venom?

This job is costing me my health.

So I must decide,

Is it worth the wealth?

I am now unemployed and broke

But at least I’ve escaped the yoke.

I may have given up, yet I feel free,

For I made the decision that was right for me.

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