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DECA continues to shape the next generation of business leaders

Maddalie Belleville

Guest Writer

February 15, 2024

Photo courtesy of Michelle Goudy

Strike a pose - Cooper Bohn poses to commemorate placing 2nd in test scores at DECA district.

DECA isn’t an average club, it’s formed with collaboration and hard work, expanding to students all over the Country and creating a high-spirited environment giving every member something to take away from it.


The club is based around the field of business. It is known for the many opportunities it has opened for students, such as college scholarships, traveling opportunities, and gaining valuable skills to succeed in life.

“DECA is about business and enhancing your skills in that area,” underclassman representative Addy Troncone (10) said. “It's ‘mostly about business in general and putting yourself in a real-life situation.”

Many students express the same appreciation for the things DECA has done for them. The club is all about putting oneself in an actual business situation while improving people and public speaking skills, boosting leadership, and gaining experience at a new level.

“There are a ton of benefits of DECA,” underclass representative Troncone said, “I have learned a lot of new business terms and learned how to work well in a group and I have definitely learned how to be personable with adults.”

The club is broken down into specific categories based on the things you are interested in. There are prompts to go with each of these groups. Some examples include travel and tourism, marketing, apparel and accessories, and sports marketing. 

“My prompt was to convince people to take a train more often than a plane,” freshman Kate Hay said, “I talked about how it is better for the environment because it releases less gas and it's a more casual way of traveling.”

The prompts are set up so participants have to think quickly, problem-solve, stay on topic, and be good with words. Before the presentation, each participant is given a prompt and time to prepare. Freshman Sam Flickinger explained that part of the prompt is being given “five indicators that are things you need to include in your statement towards the judge.”

“After the prep time I went in and talked to the judge,” Flickinger said, “I said all my indicators and shook her hand and introduced myself.”

The award ceremony is another big part of DECA district. Flickinger explained that the awards are set up so “10 people from each competition make it to state.” There was also first, second, and third place for roleplays and test scores.

“My favorite part about district was when me and my two friends all made it to state,” Sam Flickinger said. “the whole day was fun.”

This year, 123 Westfield High School students qualified for DECA state. State is a much bigger competition that takes place downtown in Indianapolis. Troncone says that State gave her an opportunity to “meet a bunch of new people and new friends.”

“State is honestly just a blast,” State Officer Norah Flickinger (12) said. “I love the environment of being with so many hardworking individuals and it’s super beneficial to make connections with different colleges and institutions, go to workshops, and compete at higher levels.”

If one continues to show interest in the club, there are higher positions available in DECA, including state officer. Many WHS students including Cooper Bohn, Ava Britton-Heitz, Mia Dee, Hailey Lamb, and Sage Knott are all running for state officer positions. The role of a state officer is to represent Indiana DECA as a whole.

“As a State Officer my main roles are planning our statewide events such as fall leadership conference and our state career development conference,” Norah Flickinger said. “I also attend monthly meetings with my fellow officers.”

DECA is a club that opens up new experiences and opportunities for anyone who is involved. Even if you aren't making it to state the first year, “You still get a lot of good experience and it's a lot of fun and opens new opportunities,” Hay said.

“I would say if you are thinking about it then definitely do it,” underclass representative Troncone said, “it is probably my favorite club and the best experience from high school so far.”

Everyone who partakes in DECA is able to get something out of it. Whether it is trying something new, finding a new interest, or setting yourself up for a scholarship there is something for everyone.

“I love DECA because I have learned so much about the world of business,” Norah Flickinger said. “I have met so many amazing people from all over the country while in DECA and can’t think of a way I have not benefited.”

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