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Dance Marathon Photoblast


Taking videos and photos helps to remember how inspiring Dance Marathon can be.

Jordyn Church (10), Amelia Graham (10), Anna Bodenburg (10) and Allison Ariganello (10) create a care package to send to Riley children.

Ryan Barrett (9) rings the gong because she raised money during the marathon.

Havanna Hudson (10) drinks Bang energy drink for a long night of dancing for the kids.

Grace McNeely (12) and Masey Coots (11) hold up their money necklaces to symbolize how much they will raise for the night.

Team Black shows their school spirit as they parade around the gym with their flag.

Near the end of the night, everyone holds a candle in commemoration of what Dance Marathon truly means.

To start the night, red team plays purple team in tug of war.

Evan Schaefer (10) decorates a bag that will be sent off to Riley children.

Maddie Hunter (12), vice president of Dance Marathon, directs the dancers to their next station.

Hannah Pensyl (10) speaks to the dancers.

Teacher Angie Torvik speaks from the heart to the dancers.

Maggie Huntley (12) and Gabby Sanburn (12) talk about Riley families that could not make the Marathon.

A Riley family looks into the crowd as they are introduced to the dancers.

Grace McNeely (12) and Matias Manzur (12) are auctioned off for dates, the money of course going to the kids.

On a Table of Miracles are posters with Riley stories for dancers to read and gain inspiration.

Mahamat Djour (12) and Julia Clark (11) lead the group in learning the dance.

Anna Bodenberg (10), learns the dance with her friends, and earns hype points for the purple team.

A group of boys wrap arms around each other, while the whole crowd sways together during a song.

Morgan Gilbert (12) sees over the crowd, while sitting on her friend’s shoulders and dancing.

Holy Delong (11), cousin of Nika Wilson (10), shares her Riley story to her peers.

Nika Wilson (10) gives her cousin Holy Delong (11) a hug after sharing her inspirational story.

Haylee Sterchi (9) and her family share their story about her younger brother.

Sophia Brown (11), Gabby Sanburn (12), Allysa Biggs (10) and Grace Denney (11) win prizes for raising the most money.

Dance marathon head executive board members Alexis Paterson (12), Sydney Clifford (12), and Maddie Hunter (12) stand as one power.

Sydney Clifford (12), president of dance marathon, leads the group in activities, dancing, and most importantly, inspiration.

Westfield High learns they raised $96,170.80 after the fundraising committee held up the numbers!


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