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Dance It Out

by BRENNA WILLIS - May 26, 2021 - Dance Marathon hosts their end-of-the year event to celebrate all of the money that was raised for Riley Children’s Hospital throughout the year on April 17, 2021.

Huddled together, the orange team performs a chant to try and out cheer the other colors.

Wiping off the whipped cream, Sydney Church (12) and Eden Hogsett (10) both get pied in the face.

While the music plays, Lucy Muntel (10) dances to the song along with the rest of the orange team.

Getting excited, Mrs. Torvik and Mrs. Gibbs dance with the rest of the students.

Near the end of the evening, Julia Clark (12) announces the winner of the prize baskets.

Smiling proudly, Eden Hogsett (10) receives a prize for being one of the top earners to raise the most money.

Looking up towards the bleachers, all the teams get ready for the money amount to be revealed.

Raising up their numbers high, students reveal the total amount raised for Riley’s Children Hospital.

Cheering nice and loud, all the teams come together for one last dance.

Showing up in style, sisters Jordyn Church (10) and Sydney Church (12) both show off their team spirit dressed in lots of bright blue.

As the night comes to an end, Macy Coots (12) thanks everyone for their kind donations to Riley.

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