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Comedy Sportz wraps up with Senior Night

Sydney Harris

Guest Writer

May 20, 2022

Whatchu Got- The teams are battling in a head-to-head game where they are given two categories and list the best things about each person, place, or thing.

Westfield High School’s Comedy Sportz team competed on April 27 in their last home competition where the all-girls blue team won first prize.

The senior Comedy Sportz competitors played head to head in their final home match at Westfield High School to win the most amount of laughs and Reff Rocky’s “Employee of the Month” trophy. After a close game with an ending score of 19-17, the blue team, also known as ‘The Girdies,’ took home the win for their senior night match against the red team. Since this was the high school seniors' last match, they were interviewed and asked about their favorite parts of the team sport and how they think the program can improve for future years.

“I hope in the future years, Comedy Sportz will expand to all people who enjoy being quick-witted,” senior captain Alayna Miller said. “I have grown as a student, a speaker, a performer, and a person.”

Miller is not alone in her ideas and enjoyment of Comedy Sportz. Co-captain Sam Vance also shared his experiences throughout the years on the team.

“My favorite part about Comedy Sportz is playing the rap games…it’s a great way to improve your quick-thinking skills,” Vance said.

When asked what the team and future members can do to improve in the future years he had multiple suggestions including finding a better system for determining each competitor's play-time which he described to be “one-sided” and could be a possible obstacle for future players. Even though this was the Westfield High School seniors' final night, it was important to ask other players what they think of the program themselves. Potential 2023 team captain, Aiden Adelman described his favorite part of Comedy Sportz and what WHS theatre can do to improve in the future.

“I love when we get to workshop the games with other teams,” Adelman said. When addressing the future concerns of Comedy Sportz he answered with a common solution to a typical problem. “The main thing that Comedy Sportz needs to improve on is being in the public eye…all in all I think it’s something people love.”

As for the results of the final match, the blue team players Miller and fellow seniors Grace Welsh, Emma Novak, and Sydney Harris, all went home with smiles on their faces as it was a great way to end their last match before they graduate.

“Being with friends while doing something I love,” was the highlight for Novak when describing her most memorable part of being on the Comedy Sportz team.

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