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Class of 2021 Senior Superlatives

Updated: May 29, 2021

by COOPER TINSLEY and BRENNA WILLIS - May 24, 2021 - Class superlatives

Disclaimer: Some of the titles below were suggested by classmates from the WHS Class of 2021. The results were collected from a survey taken by the WHS Seniors voluntarily. Only about one-third of the class responded to the survey. Congratulations to the following seniors!

Most likely to survive in the Hunger Games:

Carson Voorhis

Best hair:

Lyle Beam

Best smile:

Ellary Detamore

Most likely to become America’s Next Top Model:

Grace Stewart

Funniest Girl:

Mairin McAndrews

Funniest Guy:

Quentin Markle

Most likely to win the Olympics:

Kierstyn Ballard

Best eyes:

Elly Grenda

Best laugh:

Connor Housefield

Most likely to be famous:

Jake Richardson

Biggest flirt:

Benji Welch

Life of the party:

Carson Voorhis

Cutest couple: Armando Tandy and Lauren Kajdan

Most changed:

Christian Sherrick

Most likely to succeed:

Jake Richardson

Best bromance:

Kyle Pape and Joey Wolfe

Most likely to never be single:

Jessica Castor

Most spirited:

Jeannelle Rooney

Most likely to brighten your day:

Ellary Detamore

Biggest drama queen:

Chloe Johns

Most likely to leave Westfield and never come back:

Connor Housefield

Biggest heartbreaker:

Luke Naas

Most likely to be taking a selfie:

Jessica Castor

Most likely to become a nun: Reagan Formisani

Most likely to get married first: Lili Whitehead

Most likely to have the hottest husband:

Ellary Detamore

Most likely to have the hottest wife:

Adam Fineberg

Most unique 2021 classmate:

Connor Housefield

Class clown: Logan Nickel

Most likely to be president (three way tie):

Armando Tandy, Wesley Brooks, or Jake Richardson

Most likely to end up on Broadway:

Ellye Tibbets

Most likely to star in own reality show:

Connor Housefield

Most likely to win a Nobel Prize:

Jake Richardson

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