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Class of 2020 Senior Superlatives

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

All nominations were recommended by and voted on by the WHS Class of 2020, and all are made in a friendly way for fun!

Life of the Party: Dane Wheeler

Nominees: Dane Wheeler, Tomi Bolarin, Delaney Hendricks, Jacob Riddle

Best Hair: Payton Tamm and Gianna Foster

Nominees: Gianna Foster, Charlie Nelson, Lauren Todd, Delaney Hendricks, Payton Tamm, Duncan Kane, Mahamat Djour, Nick Harmeyer

Most likely to win a Nobel Prize: Benjamín Rascón Gracia

Nominees: Benjamín Rascón Gracia, Mahamat Djour, Maverick Tebbe, Hannah Fife

Most likely to win an Olympic medal: Ava Henson

Nominees: Ava Henson, Jocelyn Bruch, Hannah Fife, Katie Zerbe

Class clown: Ethan Bartee

Nominees: Ethan Bartee, Zach Zaborowski, Tomi Bolarin, Jacob Riddle

Most likely to become Internet famous: Peyton Kitto

Nominees: Peyton Kitto, Hillary Muntel, Samantha Lewis, Alaina Perkins

Most changed since freshman year: Clay Kipper’s height

Nominees: Clay Kipper, Julie Hoffman, Bryce Dorton, Cora Watkins, Tommy Pugh

Best Snapchat stories: Chloe Owens

Nominees: Chloe Owens, Mark McLaurin, Mya Urba, Parker Bard

Biggest flirt: Chloe Owens and Dane Wheeler

Nominees: Chloe Owens, Gracie Dunscomb, Maggie Huntley, Dane Wheeler, Connor Frew, AIden Huddleston, Camden Simons

Most fashionable: Peyton Kitto and Christian Baughman

Nominees: Peyton Kitto, Chloe Kalis, Chloe Owens, Tabitha Berlin, Chirstian Baughman, Ajdin Zec, Benjamín Rascón Gracia, Isaiah Schmidt

Cutest Couple: Gianna Foster and Daniel Adelfinsky

Nominees: Gianna Foster and Daniel Adelfinsky, Sydney Clifford and Michael Simpson, Erin Creager and Evan Lesniewski, Rachel Waller and Aiden Armstrong

Worst Driver: Cora Watkins

Nominees: Cora Watkins, Gracie Dunscomb, Andrew Roe, Dane Wheeler, Peyton Kitto

Worst Case of senioritis: Zach Byrer

Nominees: Zach Byrer, Alaina Perkins, Gracie Dunscomb, Ashtin Decreane

Best bromance: Harrison Kirsh and Connor Maris

Nominees: Harrison Kirsh and Connor Maris, Tyler Jeffries and Gavin Dirks, Dane Wheeler and Jacob Riddle

Friendliest: Josh Fassnacht

Nominees: Josh Fassnacht, Mya Urba, Anya Burke, Sadie Hodson

Most likely to be found studying: Benjamín Rascón Gracia

Nominees: Benjamín Rascón Gracia, Maverick Tebbe, Katie Humphrey

Class activist: Josh Fassnacht

Nominees: Josh Fassnacht, Sydney Clifford, Benjamín Rascón Gracia, Delaney Hendricks

Most school spirit: Mahamat Djour

Nominees: Mahamat Djour, Meg Taggart, Zach Zaborowski, Gabby Sanburn

Best laugh: Hannah Frei

Nominees: Hannah Frei, Harrison Kirsh, Chloe Owens, Trevor Lickfeldt

Most likely to write a book: Benjamín Rascón Gracia

Nominees: Benjamín Rascón Gracia, Samantha England, Zoe Evans, Tommy Pugh

Most likely to be on the Bachelor/Bachelorette: Matias Manzur and Grace McNeely

Nominees: Grace McNeely, Mya Urba, Mikayla Crabtree, Anna Martin, Matias Manzur, Drake Biggs, Bryce Dorton

Most likely to survive the Hunger Games: Alex Ulsas

Nominees: Alex Ulsas, Hannah Fife, Eli Patchett

Best dancer: Katie Humphrey

Nominees: Katie Humphrey, Jason Averett, Natalie Penry

Most likely to end up on Broadway: Anya Burke

Nominees: Anya Burke, Samantha Lewis, Elizabeth Enderle

Most likely to be a millionaire: Krishi Thaker

Nominees: Krishi Thaker, Drake Biggs, Mahamat Djour, Benjamín Rascón Gracia

Most likely to be in the next big band: Evan Lesniewski and Tyler Jeffries

Nominees: Even Lesniewski, Tyler Jeffries, Duncan Kane, Gryphon Weintraut, Katie Manback

Most likely to be on the “for you page” on Tik Tok: Hillary Muntel

Nominees: Hillary Muntel, Alaina Perkins, Samantha Lewis, WIlson Berry

Best friendship (girls): Lily Atha, Meg Taggart, Grace Snyder

Nominees: Lily Atha & Meg Taggart & Grace Snyder, Hannah Frei & Cora Watkins & Gabby Sanburn, Alaina Perkins and Charlie Nelson, Ellie Rehberg and Julie Hoffman

Teacher’s Pet: Katelyn Murray

Nominees: Katelyn Murray, Mahamat Djour, Mya Urba, Maverick Tebbe

Most likely to break quarantine: Owen Ogle

Nominees: Owen Ogle, Alaina Perkins, Rylea Bishop, Cora Watkins, Gabby Sanburn

Most athletic: Ava Henson

Nominees: Ava Henson, Eli Patchett, Hannah Fife, Aidan Parker

Most likely to become President: Mahamat Djour

Nominees: Mahamat Djour, Alex Kukura, Benjamín Rascón Gracia

Most likely to succeed: Everyone :)

Nominees: Everyone, Maverick Tebbe, Benjamín Rascón Gracia

Biggest Simp: Kyle Atkisson

Nominees: Kyle Atkisson, Aidan Parker, John Warns, Chloe Owens, Matias Manzur

Most likely to win Ms. America: Gianna Foster

Nominees: Gianna Foster, Mya Urba, Charlie Nelson

Best smile: Charlie Nelson

Nominees: Charlie Nelson, Karli Mull, Grace McNeely

Will live the shortest: Thomas Atarian

Nominees: Thomas Atarian, Jack Green Gracie Dunscomb

Most artistic: Katie Manbeck

Nominees: Katie Manbeck, Amanda Borek, Rachel Lisle, Maureen Kirk

Most likely to end up in jail: Mason Harpe

Nominees: Mason Harpe, Paul Dannels, Jack Green, Parker Ruggles

Best personality: Hannah Fife

Nominees: Hannah Fife, Tomi Bolarin, Makenzie Emerson

Superlatives with only one main nomination include:

Most likely to stay in Westfield - Eli Patchett

Live the longest - Thomas Atarian

Most unique - Julie Hoffman

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