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By ANNIKA KINTZEL, February 11, 2022

It’s strange that

Bubbles can grow so big

I see others in theirs and I think

“They’re so amazing,

So cool,

So creative.”

My friends have huge bubbles

Because they have

Talents and passions,

Unlike me

My bubble is tiny

I hesitantly put my words on the page,

I hang my art upon my wall

Yet no one comes to see

Am I doing something wrong?

They tell me they started small too,

That they’re really not that amazing,

That cool,

That creative.

But I push

And I kick

And I yell

Yet nobody comes

I have a sign

Upon the wall

But no one stops to look

My bubble is so tiny

I can barely fit inside

So when others see it

It makes me wish

That I could hide.

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