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Boxed In

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

By CARA MCMILLEN, November 14, 2021

your own little world—

no lights, no life

just you, boxed in

Is it cold

or does the soil insulate your home?

Do the bouquets above sing you sonnets

or is it quiet?

Is it comfortable

or is the lingering smell bothersome?

maybe you’ve grown accustomed to it—

and it now smells like home

maybe you’re somewhere else

perhaps in the sky?

Are you watching me kneel at your stone

or could you be below?

Was there a side of you I never knew?

I hope you can show me someday—

and maybe give me a tour

I’d love to see what life is like

in your own little world

But, for now—

from my point of view,

there are no lights, no life

just you, boxed in

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