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Be Real: The Anti-Instagram

Chandler Walker

News Editor

September 27, 2022

BeReal, a bright and shiny app that advertises itself as the “anti-Instagram,” has recently gone viral for its unique concept.

The premise of the app is this: every day at a random time, BeReal sends out a notification to its users warning them that they have two minutes to “be real” and post a picture of whatever it is they are doing at the moment. It encourages users to be natural and authentic, with no posing or filters needed. One unique aspect of the app is its use of the dual camera setting, which takes a photo with both the selfie and rear camera at the same time. BeReal, an app developed in 2020 by a former employee of GoPro, gained most of its popularity in recent months as a result of TikTok. Its approach to social media and being real has attracted over 27.9 million people. The app has even reached Westfield, with students often posing with their friends or asking teachers to snap a picture as soon as the notification comes. Madison Faulkner (12) shared her experience with BeReal.

“I think BeReal is fun and gives you the opportunity to see what your friends are doing during the day,” Faulkner said.

In an age where filters, photoshop, and other photo editing methods are popular, BeReal is like a breath of fresh air for those who want to take the stress out of social media posting. The app doesn’t take much effort, but the satisfaction that comes with posting is still present.

“I like BeReal because it’s not time-consuming, you don’t have to look good, it’s just a fun little app,” Julia Kahile (11) said.

Not everyone feels so positively about the app, however, as it isn’t always real. Users can choose to post their BeReal late, and many do this so they can post at a concert or event, instead of posting whatever they were doing the moment the notification went off. It can also become time-consuming trying to get the perfect picture.

Some don’t understand all the hype behind the app, since it can have people glued to their phones for hours. “It’s annoying,” a senior at Westfield said, “I won’t even let my boyfriend have it.”

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