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An Emotional Victory

by SOPHIE GORECKI - Westfield Lady Rocks Basketball team members describe their victory against Carmel High School on Dec. 11.

WESTFIELD, Ind. (Dec. 11, 2019) - It was the night of Dec. 11 and the Lady Rocks Varsity basketball team and the Carmel Greyhounds were neck and neck in the final quarter. The tension was rising and the pressure was on. The Rocks hadn’t won against Carmel since 2013, but that would change soon.

“At the very end I hit the ball out on the other player’s leg, so it was our ball,” Ava Henson (12) said. “We looked up and saw that there were around two seconds left. Carmel looked defeated and we knew we had it won.”

After this important play, the Rocks reigned victorious with a final score of 51-48.

“The buzzers went off and everyone was jumping with excitement,” Henson said. “Coach Smith walked in [the locker room] with tears in her eyes and said, ‘I have no words. Bring it in.’ Seeing her so happy was the best part.”

Alyssa Crockett (10) attributes this important win not only to their practices, but the drive and perseverance of the team as well.

“The game overall was fantastic; we all had so much energy and intensity that helped us win,” Crockett said. “We wanted to win so much more than they did, which gave us even more drive to win.”

This win was especially significant to the team because they were coming off of a three-game losing streak. Despite this challenge, the Rocks persevered and never lost hope for a win.

“This win was a fresh start to our season,” Ashtin Decraene (12) said. We started off our season not very well and losing to teams that we shouldn’t have, but after beating Carmel we felt like a whole new team and saw that we were capable of beating anyone as long as we play as a team.”

The Lady Rocks have a promising season ahead of them; their next game is at home against Noblesville on Dec 21 at 1:30 pm.

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