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Among Us 101

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

by ALEX PIROWSKI - November 19, 2020 - WHS students share their “Among Us” strategies.

Recently, the video game “Among Us” has tremendously grown in popularity, becoming a viral phenomenon 2 years after its initial release. Despite its age, “Among Us” is still a new experience for many players, and many of them are searching for the most optimal strategies to achieve victory. “Among Us” is a fairly busy game with many things occurring at once, and this undoubtedly impacts the choices players make within a round.

“Typically with these types of games, you really have to pay attention to who’s going where and who’s doing what,” Ayem Bien Stewart (11) said.

Additionally, Bien Stewart believes a successful strategy requires honing one’s argument skills.

“I think I’m pretty good at being persuasive with my words, and I think I’m pretty good at giving concrete evidence,” Bien Stewart said. “I want to say [this gives my strategy] a 70 percent chance of success.”

With the two different roles of impostor and crewmate, however, players must come up with different strategies for each one.

“As a crewmate, I like to get my tasks done as quickly as I can, just so I’m able to follow people if I need to,” Drew Collins (10) said. “I also like to stick with a friend so I can hold them accountable or vouch for them.”

Sticking together with another player tends to be a common strategy for those who play as a crewmate.

“I try to stay with another player so I have someone to vouch for me, in case the other players are suspicious of me being the impostor,” Alli McEvoy (12) said. “I would say that having another player to be there with you to complete tasks makes the game much easier to win as a crewmate.”

Most strategies for playing as a crewmate tend to be pretty straight forward, while those for impostors seem to require much more planning.

“My strategy as an impostor involves patience,” Seth McConkey (11) said. “I only get kills where I will 100% be safe after escaping. Playing as impostor is more interactive and more challenging, [so] you can’t be dumb.”

Longer strategies tend to be safer, but not everyone prefers them. Regardless, these strategies usually take into account the actions of other players, as well as the map itself.

“In the Mira HQ map, there is a chair in the navigation room that, if you are lined up with correctly, can hide a body when you kill another player,” David Price (12) said. “I’ve only been able to perform this strategy once, but it was very helpful.”

There are far more strategies players are discovering in “Among Us”, but some players like McEvoy have noticed that not all plans are effective in every situation

“[A] strategy’s success varies from game to game,” McEvoy said. “It really all depends on how good the impostors and crewmates are. Some strategies [may] work on some people, but not others.”

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