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A review of different Pillsbury fall-themed sugar cookies.

To Give Natalie A Ghost Cookie…

Natalie Kishko

PR Team, Staff Writer

October 5, 2021

This story is dedicated to the Pillsbury fall-themed cookies that everyone loves to bake in October. One night, I decided that it was crucial for me to go scavenger hunting for all the fall cookies I could find and decide which one had the best taste. Full disclaimer: I know that these cookies taste the exact same no matter the picture on them. But that just adds more excitement to the deliberation of which tastes “better.”

To begin the hunting, I tried to recall which fall themes I remember seeing in the past years. The only ones I could think of were the carved pumpkins, black cats, and spooky ghosts. After brainstorming, I visited every grocery store within a reasonable driving radius and I was only able to find pumpkins and ghosts. Unfortunately, the cats were nowhere to be found. I was devastated because of that. I was dying to try them the most out of all the options. Even though I looked them up and checked Google Images and they were definitely there, I have simply come to think of the fact that the black cats were a part of the Mandela effect and they were never sold. This event betrayed me.

Now to the specifics of the test. I bought both the pumpkin cookies and the ghosts to rate them on two criteria: taste and aura. The first thing I noticed when I bought them is that they are officially safe to eat raw!!! How riveting is that? Salmonella was never really on my list of concerns just because the cookies were too good to pass up. Although, now I have the ability to be even more carefree than before!

Back to the frozen cookie taste test. Shocking, I know, but both of the cookies tasted good while still frozen. The after-taste of them kind of felt as if they tasted like I was biting into a block of sugar. When I was little, I never before recalled how sweet these cookies actually were, but this time I really felt like something was off. Might’ve just been me though. Besides believing that I had way too much sugar for that day, the experience was pleasant overall. In this section, there is no winner for the best cookie. Now to the aura. There was something in the ghost cookies that made them twinkle and glimmer. I’m not sure why, but I was drawn to them. I felt like in the past years the pumpkins used to be my favorite. All of this is simply indescribable. I can’t believe that pumpkins were not the winner this time. The pumpkins used to have this excitement within them. Where I used to feel like these cookies could solve any problem that I could ever have. I guess things change, and life changes too! It is safe to say that in this section, ghosts are definitely the winner. For the baking test, both of the cookies baked well, probably because they bake the same way. I did burn the ghosts just a tiny bit more than the pumpkins but who doesn’t love a little bit of a blackened cookie? The taste of both cookies was okay. The pumpkins turned out fine. I haven’t come to terms with the fact that I am probably biased towards ghost cookies, but I just don’t know why. Something about this entire year has made it make more sense that ghosts are more suitable than pumpkins. This moment in my life, trying the best-baked ghost cookie out of the group for the first time, felt like I was in that scene of Ratatouille where Remy’s brother tried a grape and cheese together. This moment definitely didn’t change my life, but I want to pretend that I discovered something new and exciting from it.

The time has come. Now I must present my final verdict. In all, the pumpkin gave what was expected. Maybe even less than it did in the past years. While on the opposite side, the ghost cookie absolutely served in every single way (besides for the frozen part because that just sucked). This was not the verdict I was expecting from myself, so please believe that I did take all my thoughts and beliefs into deep consideration for this. Now that I have warmed up and gotten the strength to say this, I officially pronounce the Pillsbury Shape Ghost Sugar Cookie as the winning cookie in this contest!

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