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Updated: Sep 8, 2019


WESTFIELD, Ind. (Sep. 29, 2018) - As Westfield’s Homecoming approached, students felt the excitement and anxiety all over the building.

Most shared a common experience: stressing out over minor details, such as photos, food and looking nice for the dance. However, Student Government took most of that into account by setting up a photo booth, concessions and French patisseries.

“People who go all out at Christmas time are the best people to ask for Homecoming decorations,” Student Body President Kathryn Mick (12) said.

Other decorations included two Eiffel Towers and two Love Locks Bridges, both of which required a significant time input. Because of the amount of preparation required, Student Government members experienced a stressful Spirit Week.

“Homecoming ticket sales were really stressful, mainly due to the popularity of the dance,” Sophomore Class President Sydney Church (10) said. “It was really hard to keep everything organized and to keep the communication between everyone really clear.”

The dance was not the only significant portion of Homecoming. A few days earlier Sept. 27, Westfield celebrated its Homecoming parade. Since the parade’s theme was “Game On!” Student Government decided to make the float Monopoly-themed.

“The preparation for the parade was stressful and tiring, but in the end, it showed the hard work and time and effort that was put in to make such an awesome float,” Vice President of Spirit Mahamat Djour (11) said.

After the parade, the Freshmen faced Juniors and Sophomores faced Seniors in the Powderpuff games. The Junior team won with a few points over the Senior team.

On Friday, Sept. 28, students came together for the Homecoming pep rally. The high spirits previewed the excitement shown later that night during the Homecoming game, in which the Homecoming court was crowned.

“I think that even though our team may have lost the game, the Rock Pile showed out and brought amazing spirit,” Cheerleader Hanna Unton (9) said. “Everyone was so excited to be there and really enjoyed supporting our friends and classmates, and everyone, cheerleaders and students, really brought their all. The outcome was not preferable, but we will support our Rocks no matter what.”

On Saturday, the day of homecoming, Student Government was at the school decorating by 10 a.m.

As decorations were hung, one member was placed on babysitting duty.

“Scheidler and Caulfield do a lot for us, and sometimes they have to sacrifice bringing their kids along,” Church said. “We really appreciate their work and I wanted to help them like they help us, and I kind of just played around and made sure the kids were out of the way of the important stuff.”

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