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A Holiday Gift Guide

Simple holiday gifts with minimal cost

Daniella Solares


December 15, 2022

A Golden Gift - Get that special someone the perfect gift this holiday season.

Every year, when the holiday season is in full bloom, I often find myself scrambling to find gifts for people. I’m sure you can relate, so here are some fun holiday gifts for your family and close friends. A lot of these can be interchangeable, so feel free to gift something that is recommended for your mom to your best friend instead.

What to get your mom

In my experience, mothers can be one of the most difficult people to shop for. My mom tends to be very picky and has expensive taste which is difficult when I’m balling on a budget. Despite this, I’ve found some tips and tricks throughout the years.

A framed picture

My mom is a big fan of family pictures. I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt to print a rare picture of the family at CVS, frame it, and write a handwritten letter tucked away underneath the frame.

A new kitchen towel set

Recently, my mother bought a kitchen towel set that says “Life is better as a grandma.” The only issue is she’s not a grandma (yet). So, to compensate for that I am getting her a “Life is better as a dog grandma” kitchen towel set. I recommend analyzing your own mother’s kitchen towels for any common trends or patterns and working from there.

A homemade craft

Simple. Easy. Made with love.

Her favorite scented lotion or candle

My mom is a huge fan of Japanese Cherry Blossom from Bath and Body Works. If you don’t know a scent she may like, take a gander at her bathroom for lotions, perfumes, and anything of the sort.

What to get your dad

My dad doesn’t ever want anything specific. You kind of have to hang out with him for a little bit before knowing what he needs. Also, not only is his gift a surprise, but he is also pleasantly surprised by the gifts that are “from him”. My older sister does most of the holiday shopping because my dad goes to the mall maybe three times a year.

A shirt from Facebook

The other day, my sister saw my dad wearing a funny shirt, so she asked him where it was from. His answer? Facebook. So, next time you have a minute peak at Facebook for shirts with funny dad quotes. You’ll know the perfect one when you see it.

A thermos

Fathers love their coffee. I’m sure they’d appreciate it if it stayed warm a little longer.

Anything grill-related

A classic “kiss the chef” apron. A new grill tool. The possibilities are endless, and that doesn’t even cover mixing and matching.

Anything bar-related

My dad likes to have a good time. Think coozies, coasters, or a sign to hang up that says “I’m majoring in wine management”. I can confirm that the last option is a crowd favorite.

What to get your sibling

This can also be applied to any cousins you may have. I have found that siblings are easier to shop for because their interests are more established. It’s easy to see what they like based on what they wear or what they listen to. The style of gift may change depending on their gender, but here are a few universal gifts.

A new phone case

I feel like my siblings always have a cracked screen protector or a skanky phone case that needs replacing.

Posters for their room

If they’re near your age, I’d recommend some posters for their room. Teenage angst at its finest.

A hat

This one is up for interpretation. This could be a beanie, a baseball cap, a bucket hat, or some other kind of hat. This largely depends on the person. If they’re not a “hat person” then I’d recommend an accessory that is more tailored to their character.

A portable charger

We always have that one sibling asking for a charger at the most inconvenient times.

What to get your best friend

The difficulty of shopping for a friend often sneaks up on you. You think you know them well, and then when you’re put in this situation of gift-giving, all prior knowledge you may have had about them vanishes. It’s almost like a universal phenomenon.

A basket of their favorite things

Do you really know your bestie? This is the ultimate test.

A new record/CD

Kids are so old school these days. Appease their inner indie kid. Help them satisfy their urge to be different.

Pillow pet

This one is more of something I would like to receive from a friend. I am personally a pillow pet enthusiast. “Is it a pillow? Is it a pet? It’s a pillow pet!”

A month of Spotify premium

Only suckers withstand ads.

What to get your significant other

“What do you want for Christmas?”


“Oh ok. So what do you want for Christmas?”

“You really don’t have to.”

I wished we skipped past this awkward “Oh you don’t have to get me anything” nonsense. It would be a real time saver.

Self-care basket

If there’s any time of year to pamper ourselves, it’s during these months of seasonal depression. I recommend an array of face masks, bath bombs, lotion,

A personalized key chain

I feel like this is something no one really thinks of until they have it. Whip out the element of surprise.

A playlist

How romantic and heartfelt. Add some chocolate or stuffed animal on the side, though. I am also not opposed to a Spotify plaque with their favorite song. Personally, though, I would not know what to do with a plaque. It’s not too practical for me, and I think I know how to access a song on Spotify.

A blanket

This might be a long shot, but I feel like people like to be warm. This can be their favorite college, sports team, favorite color, or something else of their interest.

Whatever gifts you may be giving, I guess it’s important to recognize that it’s more about the thought than anything. I do still hope you found your next gift. Happy shopping!

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