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a hidden yearning

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Taylor McBride - February 15, 2023

while i work away the night shift

scrubbing down tables and sweeping the floor

my senses are filled all over with humanity

i look up to see a group of boys chatting away—

their bodies slouching at ease

while one sips his diet coke

to my right, i catch two girls sitting next to each other

focused deeply in conversation

as their sandwich and fries lose their warmth

i continue to go about my work

scrubbing and sweeping

when i catch sight of a boy and girl

sitting further away from everyone else

lost in each other's eyes

and sipping their milkshakes

exchanging sweet smiles

i begin to think to myself

as i scrub and sweep

how beautiful relationships with others could be

and a deep longing, a hidden yearning—

often kept on a high shelf out of sight, out of mind

seems to fall off its shelf once again

as a bittersweet smile unconsciously paints my face.

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