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A Heart Made of Stuffing

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Hannah Hoffner - December 13, 2022

All shapes and sizes,

Every color and texture

The warmth of our furry hugs—

A comfort to anyone.

Growing up can be hard;

A sweet rush of nostalgia

With every embrace

A pillowy squeeze, a wooly face.

Throughout youth, staying by your side,

Your safety, your comfort, your silent guide.

But think back to being a child again

When perhaps I was your only friend.

Who would’ve known?

A story, a life of memories

Hidden behind those black button eyes,

Perfectly sewn into a small bear’s face.

But now you have grown,

I am hidden in a box

Buried in a dark basement,

Collecting dust.

I long for the day I return,

Waiting excitedly to be seen again.

And finally the day comes

The box is opened at last!

The Goodwill employee thanks you for your donation,

You leave without a second glance.

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