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A Body Divided


Seniors cheer on the players as they take the field. photo by COOPER TINSLEY

WESTFIELD, Ind. (October 2018) - “We want the banner!” the packed student section chanted. Painted-up guys and girls led the masses in cheers to hype up the crowd. For the most excited in the crowd, memories include chants and fun with friends.

“Crowd surfing Evan Lesniewski [11] was my favorite memory,” Gavin Yoakum (10) said.

More memories came to mind when thinking of Friday nights this past fall. From the quest for Channel 8’s Student Section Banner to big speakers to the new ROCKS Pile, this year proved unique compared to previous ones.

“A lot of times [the student section was] a lot more energetic,” ROCKS Pile member Charles Herron (12) said. “We got more people involved, like more of the Sophomore and Freshman class, instead of just the Senior class.”

While there was little doubt that the student section was more enthusiastic this year, not everyone had the same positive experience.

Students watch as the Westfield Shamrocks take on the Hamilton Southeastern Royals. photo by COOPER TINSLEY

“Things got thrown in my hair: food, drinks, miscellaneous items,” Layla Heffelmire (11) said. “There was a mosh pit, and I got shoved all around. I don’t understand that, but okay. Speakers fell on my friend’s head.”

Aside from the reckless behavior and apparent craziness, others were critical of things that could have been improved.

“Overall, the games were pretty cool,” Maddie Hunter (11) said. “I just felt like we needed some new cheers because we would do the exact same cheers all game.”

Since students reacted to a combination of the football players, the cheerleaders and the band, Heffelmire thought the games needed more coordination.

“The band and the cheerleaders aren’t coordinated at all,” Heffelmire added. “The band would play one song, and the cheerleaders would be cheering to one that doesn’t even go together.”

Beyond the love or hate of what happened, seniors experienced their final year under the Friday night lights.

“I enjoyed [the games] more than previous years,” Abi Gift (12) said. “I felt nostalgic because it was our last season of football games together. I felt like I had more fun because the Seniors were being inclusive with everyone.”

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