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Spooktober Winner!!

By COLE BANGERT, October 31, 2021


With a pitiful scream, the man fell from the building, body breaking through the wind. He hit the ground after twenty-seven stories, bones cracking and head splitting open.

The creature stood on the roof, shaking with laughter, licking a drop of blood from his finger. The sight brought great joy to him, erupting an even more bloodthirsty feeling inside.

He scampered down the building, claws scraping the brick walls like nails on a chalkboard. He let out a delighted screech, seeing a young woman and her small child walking down the city street. He slipped behind a dumpster, mouth watering.

Oh what a meal that would be!

The woman held the hand of her daughter, hair whipping in the roaring wind. A storm was surely coming, the sky a dark, thunderous gray.

The creature slithered out of hiding, creeping up behind the unexpecting victims. He snaked a hand around the neck of the woman, claws drawing a line of blood across her pale skin. She let out a strangled cry, choking on a mouthful of blood.

The little girl stood silently, eyes wide, liquid pouring from her face. A mixture of snot and tears dripped onto her coat as she continued to cry. Her shoulders shook with every silent sob, holding onto her mother with a death grip.

The creature let out a low hiss before sinking his teeth into the woman’s neck, tearing away a chunk of her flesh. He lapped up the blood eagerly, the hunger taking over.

Her blood was sweet like ice cream on a hot summer day but also salty and metallic like a monstrous sea. Pure satisfaction came with the taste, drawing the creature in for more.

With the woman’s body crumpling to the ground, the creature moved on to the little girl.

She stood frozen in shock, staring at the creature with a pleading look for life. Anyone with a pinch of humanity would spare such a desperate child, but little did she know this thing was anything but human.

The creature put his hands under the girl’s arms, lifting her up. He held her to his chest, running a hand through her hair in a comforting way.

The girl’s cries began to cease as she grew tired from the trauma. She melted into his arms, lying there vulnerable.

Just before the child could fall asleep, the creature changed the pattern in which he stroked her hair, filling the air with the lovely sound of a snapping neck. He tore the girl’s body apart piece by piece, gracefully licking the tears from her face.

Satisfied with his dinner, the creature returned home. His eyes turned from a swampy yellow to an icy blue, his scales disappearing. A head of fluffy hair appeared, covering the reptilian skin. His fangs fell from his mouth, growing in a new set of perfectly human teeth. His claws retracted and his irises returned to a normal size. His mortal disguise was skillfully crafted day after day to resemble a young man. It wasn’t until night came and the sky grew dark again that he shed his warm blooded skin and showed his true form yet again.

From the bathroom, he heard a soft call traveling from the kitchen, “Ryder, I’m home. Have you eaten dinner yet, or should I begin making something?”

Summoned by the voice of his partner Ryder left the bathroom. He paced down the hall quietly, careful not to make any noise.

In the kitchen, facing the refrigerator, was Alex.

Knowing that Alex wouldn’t notice he had entered the room, Ryder made a sneak attack. He snaked his arms around Alex’s waist, laughing as the smaller jumped.

Alex turned around, punching Ryder lightly. “Why’d you scare me? Jerk.”

Ryder only smiled, laying his head in the crook of Alex’s neck. He could both feel and smell the blood right next to his face, just under a couple layers of skin. He imagined how easily he could rip Alex’s fragile flesh. There would be no resistance, for Alex loved him no matter what. He could do whatever he wanted, and Alex would let him.

After finishing off the woman and her child, Ryder was no longer hungry, but being by Alex filled him with hunger and a need for more.

Ryder could feel himself slowly transforming back into a monster, bearing the pain of fangs ripping through his gums. His eyes shone yellow as he could no longer contain himself. He allowed his mouth to open, teeth sinking into Alex’s skin. After tasting the first drop of blood, he lost it completely.

Before he knew it, Ryder had Alex pinned against the counter, tearing away flaps of skin to access what was underneath. He dug his hand into Alex’s torso, opening it to expose the inner organs.

Alex didn’t let out a sound as Ryder tore into his body, greedily gorging himself on what lay inside.

The taste of Alex’s heart was something Ryder couldn’t get enough of. He dug in as it was still beating, melting at the feeling of pulsing blood. The sensation was nearly too much, but he couldn’t stop if he tried. Ravenous, he removed each organ from Alex’s body one by one, kissing each gingerly before taking a bite. The sheer pleasure he experienced from just a taste drove him mad, urging him to fully devour every part.

Alex’s lifeless body slumped against the counter, his face somehow peaceful through the pain. In his last moment he had seen the true side of the man he once loved, and he believed that for loving him he was better off dead.

Ryder scarfed down as much as he could, strings of flesh stuck in his teeth. Organs squished in his mouth, fluid spilling from them down his face. He had never enjoyed a meal so much.

A hand covered in blood reached to caress Alex’s cold face, leaving a streak of crimson. Ryder’s mouth found Alex’s, taking the boy’s lips in his teeth. He pulled back harshly, detaching the lower lip. Eating Alex’s mouth was a thousand times better than kissing it, and Ryder couldn’t get enough.

It wasn’t until only bones remained that Ryder finally stopped devouring his lover, laughing hysterically, a wild grin on his face. He couldn’t have asked for a better night.

Now who would be his next delicious victim?

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