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Alexis Norris -- February 9, 2023

The clouds block out the sun,

making room for a night full of stars,

forming constellations that connect Him to Her.

The beauty in His vibrant eyes,

the way His face softens when Her eyes meet His,

His hands tracing along Her delicate hands,

There could be as many things wrong with Him, as there are stars—

But she continues to fall in love over and over again.

Tired sea-blue eyes and a gentle smile;

this is where she has found Her home.

Her home is in the comfort of His arms,

the feel of His fingers intertwined with Hers,

the smell of His cooking in the kitchen,

the way His hair never falls quite right,

the smell of His cologne that clings to the sweatshirts She was gifted—

As long he is Hers, and she is His, that will always be enough.

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