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2022 Senior Superlatives

Most likely to survive in the Hunger Games

Thadeus O’Neill

Best hair

Sumaiyah Ryan

Most contagious smile (tie)

Mel Graham and Maya Francisco

Most likely to become America’s Next Top Model

Paige Kim

Funniest Girl

Samantha Smith

Funniest Guy

John Foster

Most likely to win the Olympics

Kai Connor

Best eyes

Isaac Lutz (not pictured)

Best laugh

Brookly Miner

Most likely to be famous

Gage Stanifer

Biggest flirt

Nic Depasquale (not pictured)

Life of the party

Maximus Webster

Cutest couple

Josie Newell and Mac Clarke

Most changed

Sydney Harris

Most likely to succeed

Seth McConkey

Best bromance

Will Strahm and Vance Farrar

Most likely to never be single

Madison Neihaus

Most spirited

Lana Reinking (not pictured)

Most likely to brighten your day

Andy Spoljaric (not pictured)

Biggest drama queen

Emma Schwind (not pictured)

Most likely to leave Westfield and never come back

Natalie Kishko

Biggest heartbreaker

Jackson Wasserstrom

Most likely to be taking a selfie

Sydney Miller (not pictured)

Most likely to become a nun

Rachel McManus (not pictured)

Most likely to get married first

Avery Good

Most likely to have the hottest husband

Bre Koester

Most likely to have the hottest wife

Micah Hauser

Most unique 2022 classmate

Alyx Williams

Class clown

Greg Gerardot

Best smile (tie)

Allie Hopp and Chesney Tebbe

Most likely to be president

Cooper Tinsley

Most likely to end up on Broadway

Alex Arnold

Most likely to star in their own reality show

Grace Welsh

Most likely to win a Nobel Prize

Anna Kantar

Most school spirit (tie)

Jack Woodard and Kade Robinson

Most likely to be late to graduation

Joe Sawyer

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